Great Workshops

Do you hate Zoom & Teams yet?

Your team is probably struggling in these challenging times. Are they losing motivation or struggling with stress? Is productivity going down? Or maybe you just no longer get "the feel" that you had for your team's wellbeing and challenges.

We can help you!

Strategy Workshops

Facilitating a truly good strategy workshop can be hard. You need to account for your audience. We have done strategy sessions for a long time and can help you if you need to ensure the success of your next strategy workshop.

Agile & Project Workshops

If you want help to facilitate an engaging, productive workshop with actionable outputs for your team we can do it! Just let us know what you want to accomplish and we will help you improve your workshops.

Kaizen Events

Did you hear all the buzz about Kaizen Events, but want to learn how to actually facilitate them? We don't just prepare Kaizen Events, we can also teach you how to do them on your own in the future.

Team & Community Building

Do you feel like your team needs better morale or could work better together? We can put a great event together that is sure to be fun and bond you together.

Workshops are a great tool - regardless of the format


Most virtual meetings we have seen had the potential to be better. That is where we come in. We can take your home office to the next level by utilizing modern and helpful tools and practices.

In Person

While virtual meetings can be fun, most of us would rather get together in person. But with the upside of in-person meetings also comes the hard planning of the workshop. Depending on your workshop this can be rather complex, but we have a solid approach to help you with your workshop - from logistics to the actual content.


Obviously, there are many tools that just work better in person. But the same is true for some virtual tools. So we tend to combine them to have the best results possible.

How we work

Let us help!

Our Business Acceleration Model was developed based on our experience in delivering both successful and failed transformations in innovation, product, and service development over the last 20 years. We know what works - and what doesn't work - because we have tried it.

We can take you from where you are to a new normal where frequent deliveries and measurable return on your investments are natural. No matter whether you want to improve your time to market, cost of innovation, quality, or employee happiness: We are your partners!