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Mark Adler Madsen (Europe)

My passion is help teams realize potential they didn't know they had and make the impossible come true. While everybody's having fun doing it.

For 20 years I have built and lead project portfolio organizations for companies like Lego, Mærsk, Saab and Danfoss to help them convert their strategies to profit and build high performing teams.

I am looking forward to helping you out as well!
+45 36 94 66 34
+49 172 3040758

Brian Cohn (USA)

The motto of my alma mater is Meliora - ever better. I take that attitude into every situation and have applied it for over 30 years to improve product development and launch - from starting the first Quality Circle for engineering practices at a large aerospace company to running a project office to coaching for continuous improvement of the product development system from within a large international business to business company
+1 (651) 592-9789

Torge Oeverdiek (Germany)

I bring new perspectives and new ways of working to Aspire Innovation and am looking forward to helping you be modern, innovative, and have a good system in place for future success. With new perspectives and a unique outlook, I challenge many ideas and like to change things up.

I focus on making teams more flexible and virtual in order to improve their effectiveness and motivation.
+49 151 65140598