Project Recovery

Do you have a critical product development that is not ...

  • delivering the expected ROI or business value?

  • meeting its timeline?

  • hitting the budget?

Then we can help you!

We can:

  • assess “why” and get to the root cause of the problem

  • take over the management of your project temporarily, bring it back on the right track

  • coach your team and give them the tools they need to fix the problem themselves

  • give the project a revitalizing kick-off to get it restarted the right way with a clear goal and motivated project team

When the project is back on track, we can also help you build a setup that ensures your future projects won’t need our help

We have worked with

How we do it


We start by understanding the root cause for your specific challenges through interviews and workshops using our proven assessment tools.

The outcome of this first process is a backlog of the specific challenges prioritized by impact and ease of fixing.

Best of all, our assessment is fast and efficient! We can typically assess a project in ½ - 1 day.

Recovery Scoping

Based on our recommendation, we align on the scope of the recovery.

Together we set the targets and measures for the recovery, so we keep our eyes on progress.

We also set the team for executing the improvements with a combination of your people, our experts and eventually other parties to fix your challenges as efficient as possible.

We can help no matter how critical the problem: Taking over your project temporarily, running specific improvements and training/coaching your team.

Recovery Execution

To execute individual improvements, we have developed an efficient Improvement Engine that delivers the solutions fast and iteratively.

That ensures you get the most important challenge fixed first (and fast!) and that you only commit to the iterations you want.

An important part of the cycle is that we constantly review the impact of the improvements and adjust.

Typically, a cycle is between 2 and 4 weeks.

Recovery Closure

After the implementation of improvements, we ensure that their impact keeps being monitored until the desired targets are met.

That ensures the highest quality and that the improvements are rolled-in and anchored.

We will ensure you have these measures under your control, so your project stays on track – also after our job is finished.

Service Trailer

The Challenge

Watch John and his team get in trouble with their project that started out so well

The Solution

Watch how John's problem gets solved

Let us help!

Our Business Acceleration Model was developed based on our experience in delivering both successful and failed transformations in innovation, product, and service development over the last 20 years. We know what works - and what doesn't work - because we have tried it.

We can take you from where you are to a new normal where frequent deliveries and measurable return on your investments are natural. No matter whether you want to improve your time to market, cost of innovation, quality, or employee happiness: We are your partners!