Project Coaching

Virtual Coffee Meeting

Are you stuck on a certain issue and want some input on what your next step could be?

We are always happy to have a no obligation 30 minute talk with you!

(Coffee is not mandatory)

Do you have one or more project managers struggling with:

  • meeting deadlines and budget​

  • scoping and organizing the project​

  • demotivated project participants and partners​

  • customers, suppliers or the project governance

Then we can help you!

We can:

  • Coach the project managers on how to improve execution of their projects and team leadership​

  • Support the project managers with project management tools tailored to the situation and facilitation of workshops​

  • Assist the project managers with a framework that enables them to have control of their projects

After the project managers are performing, we can also help you build a setup that ensures your future projects won’t need our help

We have worked with

How we can help


  • Chairside are extremely useful in developing specific skills​

  • We observe performance and provides on the spot feedback​

  • We deliver valuable insight and information for the project manager​

  • We can deliver on-the-job-training on the specific topics the project manager needs to improve the skillet


  • We bring our project management experience to the support of the project manager​

  • Provides a bigger picture for the project manager of his environment and possibilities for action​

  • Creates a room for reflection for the project manager​

  • Identify and qualifies items for action learning​

  • The project manager tests improved management skills in the process​


  • Based on the project managers goals and preferences, we coach him on how to improve and utilize his potential​

  • We help identify solutions to specific work-related issues​

  • We support the project manager in developing enhanced self-awareness​

  • We improve specific skills or behavior as per request from the project manager​


  • Creates an understanding for the project manager of his/her preferences and communication style​

  • It creates an understanding of the underlying tendencies and preferences ​

  • Helps the project manager to adapt his behavior to interact with others more effectively.​

  • A simple tool for the project manager to improve communication and motivation of his team​

Let us help!

Our Business Acceleration Model was developed based on our experience in delivering both successful and failed transformations in innovation, product, and service development over the last 20 years. We know what works - and what doesn't work - because we have tried it.

We can take you from where you are to a new normal where frequent deliveries and measurable return on your investments are natural. No matter whether you want to improve your time to market, cost of innovation, quality, or employee happiness: We are your partners!