Project & Initiative Success

You have a business critical project that you need to be a success or an idea you need to get started the right way?

We can help you:

  • Make sure your idea will generate the expected return on investment

  • Scope the right project or initiative to make sure money comes in fast

  • Get a project that has gone off the rails back on track towards business success

We always start by understanding your specific challenge and its root causes but below you can see a small sample of our services specific to ensuring project success.

Acceleration Events

Do you need input getting your project off the ground or are you looking to revitalize a change that has lost momentum? We can help you create inspiring and fun events that are sure to stick with the team and get everybody moving towards the goal.

Project Selection

We all do it - we have dozens of projects we are attempting to run in parallel and they never seem to come out of the system. We do this to ourselves by thinking that the best way to get a project finished is to get it started. We don't run our factories that way - if we did we would get overwhelmed by WIP inventory taking over the floor. Let us help you tame that beast for projects and knowledge work.

Visual Management

Let us help you uncover all the activities you have in progress, set up a visual management system to make project status transparent, and create a governance system so that you are working on the most important initiatives - and that they are getting done!

Working Virtually

Working virtually isn't just more Zoom meetings. Let us help you get more connected and more collaborative when working from a distance. Whether it is finding ways to work asynchronously that are better than trading emails or keeping people engaged in meetings or doing entire workshops virtually we'll guide you to higher productivity and satisfaction.