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Virtual Coffee Meeting

Are you stuck on a certain issue and want some input on what your next step could be?

We are always happy to have a no obligation 30 minute talk with you!

(Coffee is not mandatory)

Workshops & Coaching Session

Are you stuck with slow innovation and not quite sure what your next step should be or where to start?

Let us know what your challenge is and together we will work out how to move forward!

Lectures & Keynote Speeches

Are you looking for a different take on the topics that are being discussed today or someone who knows the backside of the medal? We are happy to give a speech on any topic around innovation or project management, for example:

  • Building a high performing portfolio and project management organization in a VUCA world

  • How to innovate your business effectively

  • Don't just "Go Agile!"

  • Effective Leadership of Innovation

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Denmark: +45 36 94 66 34
USA: +1 (651) 592-9789
Germany: +49 172 3040758