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Join us in our first Webinar

26. Febraury 2021

Are you struggling with applying agile principles to hardware development?

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Then book your calendar on March 18th where Brian Cohn and Mark Adler Madsen will be co-presenting on agile product development at a webinar hosted by the PDMA Minnesota Chapter!

Project Management Fundamentals Part 1

05. January 2021

Happy and successful new year to you all!

To get us off to a good start in 2021, we will over the next months be sharing a bunch of tips & tricks on how to innovate better and faster - while having some fun along the way. We will cover several topics around effective Portfolio & Project Management and Leadership of Innovation with both modern and traditional approaches and there will be both videos, blog posts and articles coming your way.

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In this 1st video in our 1st series we go back 4500 years to the very beginning of project management to see if there are still lessons that can be learned or we forgot something along the way (Spoiler alert: The answer is probably yes).

The overall goal with these video series are to share tips & tricks on how to innovate better and faster. We will be covering a multitude of topics on getting from idea to profit including portfolio & project management, business leadership as well as both traditional and modern approaches.

You can find this video on YouTube or LinkedIn.